As a Peace Keeper

UNPF (United Nation Police Force) did mission named International Police Task Force (IPTF) in Bosnia & Hercegovina in ’94 to ’98, This Mission was to secure bosnian people after ethnic war during the fall of Yugoslavia, and to rebuild police institution which free of racism. Bosnia Hercegovina is the new nation which previously is the one of Yugoslavia ‘s state. There 5 new nations are held after fall of Yugoslavia : Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina and Montenegro. IPTF were consist of more than 20 countries who send their best policemen to join this mission. The ’97 contingent of Indonesian National Police officers were 18 (the time length of 1 contingent is a year and could be extended if needs, if mission not accomplish yet there will be a replacement), the number of INP to be tested for this mission were 200, and I was the one who was lucky to get this opportunities, we started our mission in July ’97 and finished in Oct ’98, so we got mission for 1 year and 3 months. During this mission I deployed to Mostar Police Station, as an Administration Officer. Mostar is in the southern of B&H, is around 250 km from Sarajevo the capital city of B&H, and the place of IPTF Head Quarter. (if we look at the map Sarajevo is the middle of B&H). Mostar is great city and has a famous icon “Bridge of Mostar” (build by Ottoman Empire in 16 centuries). While I was there, this bridge had under contruction, this bridge was destroyed because this bridge is connected the east and west part of Mostar, during the war citizen of mostar had divided by two entities base of ethnic and separated by Mostar River , on the west bank is for Croatian people and east bank is for Bosnian (the main task of IPTF in Mostar is to minimize the diversity between them). Last month i saw TV program in Discovery tour and travel about Mostar Bridge, The Bridge is finished to rebuild and west and east river bank people of Mostar is reunited, every body smiling the are no more hate between them… I’m very glad to know that… I wish someday I would go to Mostar to remembering my best ever duties and see a new Bridge of Mostar.