* Bahan dari UNAMID BULLETIN judul asli : “Bangladeshi FPU in Action” , artikan sendiri yaaa… biar pinter bahasa inggrisnya… 🙂

The Bangladesh Formed Police Unit [FPU] is one out of the expected 19 FPUs to be deployed in Darfur as part of the slated 6432 man strong UNAMID Police component.

Deployed at Nyala in Sector South since November 25, 2007, it is so far the lone FPU in the mission with strength of 140, Despite initial logistical handicaps due to shipment delays, this pioneer FPU is slowly but steadily making its marks in the mission. Its self sustaining character necessitated that accommodation be addressed urgently. For four weeks they toiled relentlessly, erecting tents for offices, accommodation, and ablution at their super camp base. Courageously they braved the scorpions, snakes and dust and moved from their temporary Forward Operational Base, FOB, to the Super camp on January 21, 2008.

Once the accommodation issue was resolved, effective operational deployment began with the Sector South Police Commander introducing the FPU to firewood escort and confidence building patrols in Kalma, Otash, and El Salaam and El Sherif IDP camps.

The long range patrol from their base in Nyala to El Fasher in late February this year also provided an opportunity to evaluate their operational capabilities and acceptance by the host community. Feedback from the IDP camps and vulnerable villagers has been positive. “We feel more protected with the arrival of the FPU. We hope they will stay longer with us” Fatima Abdullah a female IDP at El Salaam said.

The FPU’s involvement in firewood escort has been of tremendous help to the IDPs. They can fetch firewood many more times during the week under the protection of the military and the FPU. The Bangladesh FPUssay they take particular pleasure in carrying out this exercise. “It is not just a duty for me. I feel morally satisfied rendering a service to humanity because humanity is one.” Enamuld Kabir FPU Platoon Commander and Liaison Officer said.

The Formed Police Units has as their primary focus to support individual Police officers in the effective execution of mandated tasks. They assist in the protection of vulnerable communities under threat of violence, conduct confidence building patrols and escort duties for IDPs as well as maintaining a presence in IDP camps.