Dr. Azahari bin Husin (circa 1957 – November 9, 2005), a Malaysian national and Islamic terrorist, was believed to be the technical mastermind behind the 2002 Bali bombing and various other Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorist attacks. As a result, he was nicknamed the “Demolition Man”. AZAHARI was killed in a police raid on his hideout in 2005.

On November 9, 2005, Indonesian police, acting on a tip-off, conducted a raid on one of his hideouts in Batu, near Malang in East Java with Detachment 88 operators sent to assist regular police officers. Three suspected jihadi terrorists barricaded themselves inside a house and they put up stiff resistance, throwing grenades and firing bullets at the police outside. This was followed by a series of explosions, one of which was a suicide blast. Police identified the intact corpse of Azahari, with a bullet wound in his chest. It seems Azahari was shot and killed by a police sniper, after which one of his disciples blew himself up to prevent him from being taken alive.


The Crime scene in Jl Flamboyan Batu Malang, Eastern Java, was being ‘police line’  to stop crowd entering.

Anti Terror detachment 88 were preparing to raid.

Thousand of mass want to see what was happen, is it too dangerous ?

INP authorities wanted to see the crime scene.

Who has the hand ? someone who blown his self….. hiiiii

This is believe a corpse of AZAHARI, but to make sure  police have to identified by taking a fingerprint from it.

Finger Print Identification from a victim in the crime scene, and it’s match with AZAHARI

A house wich totally destroyed, wich believe as a save house for AZAHARI during his last days….