My duties in Police Subregional of Tebo

Recently I posted as a vice chief of Tebo subregional Police, Tebo is the western of Jambi Province. as a new subregional (previously Bungo-Tebo and separated 3 years ago) the infrastructure of this area hasn’t perfect yet, most road still dusty, only surrounding town has a good road.
Population of Tebo are 300.000, and the main income is farming (rubber and palm) and logging. Most of Tebo area is a forrestry, in the north part of Tebo in “Bukit Tigapuluh” national park, we can still see a large group of wild elephants live there, and also live there uncivilized tribal called “Kubu” or “Suku anak dalam”, they live nomadic and has an animism beliefs.
Polres (Police subregional) Tebo have 10 Police Stations (the most far is Tujuh Koto Police Station, from Tebo are 90 Km to the north), and 344 police officers who services in those police station also as a staff in Tebo HQ. The most criminal cases we have (eventough rarely) are : theft, burglaries, and illegal logging. Crime statistic justified that Tebo is a save area, not more than 30 cases per year, this because the raise price of rubber and CPO base of palm tree, made people has achieved more income a lot more of standard living cost, if we notice the theory of crime that crime occurred mostly in “unhappy” community, not either in Tebo.
For me accommodation is good, houses for officers build just next to Tebo Police HQ, for VC is ready 200 m sqr house. but most of the time i live by myself, my kids and wife still live in Jambi. Yeah this is a problem…… The education in Tebo isn’t good enough, so I decided to keep my kids have school in Jambi, so i met them occasionally only during the week end, but not only me have this such kind of situation, most officers’ families live in Jambi, even our boss (head of polres or Kapolres) his family also live in Jambi.