The Recruitment

I had Passed my Senior High School in ’89, so That time i so badly think about my future…. I was thinking maybe i would have studied in the best university in Indonesia, so I might be easy to find a job, and then i tried to get scholarship from government, a fter that i would directly has a job ….
I tried those opportunities, I chose to tested for math and science faculty in The University of Indonesia, this is one of the best University in Indonesia and for services college i tried to have a test in Arm Forces Academy (before Police are under supervision of Arm Forces). The recruitment system for academy of arm forces was different, in that time we didn’t know which academy we would joint if we pass the test (academy of Naval, Air force, Military and Police, this system has change when Police separated from arm forces supervisory in ’01) and the truth is: we all had obsession to joint military academy, because to be an army is a beginning of bright future, that was usual because that time our nation lead by Soeharto. Military had entered and influencing most political venue, as a political leader and as bureaucrats.
So I pass those test all…
I got my Math and Science Faculty in University of Indonesia, and also Police Academy (I was little upset because being as army more interested).
Finally I have chosen the services college in Police Academy, i though being a policeman is a better choice because my parents won’t pay anything until my graduation, and the best is: I could directly has my own job….


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